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Do websites need constant maintenance?

First of all, if you could do the work yourself clenbuterol uk you wouldn’t be asking if websites needed ongoing maintenance, you’d have the site up and running and you’d be maintaining it. If you truly feel you can do the work yourself, you should start, dedicate a few hours every day, and see what might be finished after several weeks, and then see if it generates any revenue. Look at setting up the systems needed to connect to all gyms, rate them, allow for comments, allow for prices. Decide how much time you want to spend trying to see if you can become an experienced developer and then see what happens.

Usually people go to professional developers because they have jobs or businesses and don’t have the time to try to become professional-level web developers and designers…the world is full of people trying to perform their own dentistry, home repairs, auto repairs, accounting, plumbing, you name it. They call in a professional when they need help and can’t spend weeks or months trying to figure out how to tweak something a certain way – and for most people time vardenafil tablets for sale in australia glory is money.

But yes, professional website do require constant maintenance. Why? Most people test see websites as single “one and done’ items when they really are just parts of a process that is digital marketing. SEO has to be checked and compared to desired outcomes. Advertising campaigns have to be integrated with the site. Plugins (apps for websites) need to be updated regularly for security issues, designs need to be updated every few years so they don’t look like cheap PowerPoint presentation brochures. Links go dead as more businesses go under, spammer need to be removed and their comments removed, images resized, and we haven’t even touched on content marketing or hacking.



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